Lewis McKenney Beard... my full name. I was born in the mid-80s, that shit was crazy, and now I'm a grown-ass man living in Atlanta, Georgia and trying to pretend like I don't work in an office to earn money (I do, at least for the moment). I learned some lessons in Davidson, North Carolina, I learned a few more lessons in Athens, Georgia, I had a brief and snowy stopover in Oxford, England, and I guess now you could say I'm done getting schooled.

What am I into? Writing, apparently; music, which you can check out at my other, more musical website (not yet in existence, but on the way); TV, movies, the odd video game when I find myself with a cool 40+ hours to spare; exercising, so as to stay swoll enough to rip shirts and turn heads when I reach for things; dogs, but I'm currently dogless; warm/temperate/tropical climates; punchbreaking.

If you need to find me (you probably don't), find me here:

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